WWII Banquet 4-7-2017

20170407_165954 (1024x768)
Charley Geiger (left) Battle of the Bugle Veteran and Crispy Warrior
20170407_170713 (1024x768)
Sam Lombardo, Charley Geiger (middle man TBD) Bill McCowen, Neil McGillicuddy
20170407_170858 (1024x768)
Bill McCowen
20170407_170929 (1024x768)
Clint and Bill McCowen
20170407_170952 (1024x768)
Bill and Helen McCowen
20170407_171059 (1024x768)
Lisa McCowen and Sam Lombardo
20170407_171400 (1024x768)
Reception Room for the WWII Veterans
20170407_171707 (1024x768)
Neil McGillicuddy and Lisa McCowen
20170407_172330 (1024x768)
Sam Lombardo with friends
20170407_172453 (1024x768)
Sam Lombardo, Bill McCowen and Clint McCowen
20170407_172558 (1024x768)
Vandi Vela, Sam Lombardo, Bill McCowen, Helen McCowen, Lisa McCowen
20170407_172625 (1024x768)
Bill, Clint, Lisa McCowen
20170407_174609 (1024x768)
Lisa helping WWII Veterans to line up for photos
20170407_174846 (1024x768)
Charley Geiger (seated left) and Bill McCowen (standing right)
20170407_174924 (1024x768)
WWII Veterans Photo – Dick Cole (seated 1st row) Charley Geiger and Bill McCowen (rear right)
20170407_175041 (1024x768)
Bill and Helen McCowen on the way to the Banquet Hall
20170407_175705 (1024x768)
Colonel Rene Leon, wife Jane with son and daughter greeting Bill McCowen
20170407_175728 (1024x768)
The Leon Family graciously sponsored this entire table!
20170407_175913 (1024x768)
Greeting Helen McCowen
20170407_180005 (1024x768)
Leon Family greeting Fred Baber (WWII Vet) and son Andy (blue stripe shirt)
20170407_180202 (1024x768)
Bill and Helen McCowen chatting with Col Rene Leon
20170407_182019_005 (1024x768)
Fred Baber, Lisa and Clint McCowen, Bill and Helen McCowen
20170407_182025_001 (1024x768)
Bill and Helen McCowen, Rene and Jane Leon
20170407_182036_001 (1024x768)
Andy and Fred Baber (son and father)
20170407_182249 (1024x768)
Sam Lombardo (middle) and Vandi Vela (right)
20170407_183426 (1024x768)
Andy and Fred Baber smiling and having a great time!
20170407_184224 (1024x768)
Charley Geiger on the projection screen on the wall
20170407_184444 (1024x768)
Lt. Col Sam Lombardo on the wall projection screen
20170407_184512 (1024x768)
Lt. Col William (Bill) McCowen on the wall projection screen
20170407_184751 (1024x768)
Banquet Hall filled with people honoring our WWII Veterans (estimate 400 people)
20170407_184957 (1024x768)
Charley Geiger (middle) and Neil McGillicuddy (right)
20170407_185039 (1024x768)
Andy Baber (left) and WWII Veteran Fred Baber chatting with Lisa McCowen
20170407_190052 (1024x768)
Fred Baber on the wall projection screen
20170407_195409 (1024x768)
Interviews on the stage commencing
20170407_195545 (1024x768)
Richard Cole (left – last Doolittle Raider) and ______________ TBD
20170407_202543 (1024x768)
Lisa and Clint McCowen, Bill and Helen McCowen
20170407_202733 (1024x768)
Andy Baber standing on behalf of his Dad Fred Baber when Fred is recognized from the stage
20170407_205750 (1024x768)
The extremely gracious Leon Family saying good night to Bill McCowen
20170408_071417 (768x1024)
Sam Lombardo made the FRONT page of the local paper!